January 2019 Newsletter



Wishing you and your pup(s) a healthy and happy year!  All of us at Aqua Paws are looking forward to an exciting 2019.  As always our primary goal is to provide the best possible service to all of our clients.   New projects include continuing education, collaboration and new, exciting projects that include hosting webinars and an informational website on all things dog.  Stay tuned!  If you haven't seen our new facility, please stop by and visit us.  We are happy to give you a tour.   




Sara successfully completed her first week of the Canine Rehab Institute certification course in Florida! It was a great experience for her.  She had the opportunity to work with and talk to several veterinarians and physical therapists. She learned a lot about anatomy and some new techniques for us to utilize here at Aqua Paws.  Sara and her lab group even won first place for best anatomical clay model!! Yay go Sara!! She is excited to continue her studies in February. We are all proud of her!

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In class, they all got to experience the e-stim unit. Here is a video of Sara using it on her arm!  Electrical stimulation is a modality we use to wake up and stimulate muscles.  It can also be used to reduce post-surgical pain and swelling. 



Meet Levy!  She is a sweet Border Collie that competes in agility and has been on the World Team.  She sustained an injury to both shoulders while competing at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Agility Invitational.  If you watch the video below you can see when she slams the weave poles and then struggles the remainder of the run.  Levy went to Maryland for bilateral shoulder surgery and has come to Aqua Paws for many months of rehabilitation.  The second video is of Levy now, in her first agility trial post rehab.  She looks amazing!  We are so happy for her!!

The first image below is Levy in her hobbles and cast. The second is Levy in the tank with "Coach Zayna".

Levy at Westminster Kennel Club...OUCH!

Levy's first trial post surgery and rehab.  Woohoo!  She looks great!

Giving Back


Miller was surrendered to us shortly before his first birthday because he was "not trainable".  He was recently picked up for transport and is on his way to "Merlin's Kids" in Missouri.  A wonderful organization that trains service dogs for children and veterans in need.  We are all sad to see him go.  We enjoyed having him with us and training him.  He is incredibly bright and has a wonderful personality.  He is even-tempered, funny, goofy and playful.  We are all proud of him as he embarks on the next phase of his journey and look forward to following his progress.  It goes to show what a little time, effort and consistency can do for a dog.  Good luck Miller!  We know you will make us proud!!

Merlin's Kids

Petra Ford