September 2018 Newsletter


Has the weather been keeping you locked indoors? 
Does your dog need to burn excess energy? 
Does your dog need to lose weight?  or get in shape? 
Does your puppy have boundless energy and you just can't keep up?


The underwater treadmill provides an excellent cardiovascular and overall strengthening workout while protecting your dog's joints.  It also allows your pet to have fun in the water or discover the water for the first time.

This program is for healthy dogs looking for a safe and fun form of exercise.  These are not considered "rehab" sessions. 

$49.00 a session.  Package of 10 sessions for the cost of 9.




Fuzzy Wuzzy is currently coming to us for therapy and is making wonderful progress. This is his story:  "Fuzzy Wuzzy was found in extreme pain with his legs bound together. He was only 7.5 pounds and had a huge cast on when Scooby-Doo Rescue pulled him from the shelter.  He was rushed to the vet, and upon arrival, the vets removed his cast. They could not believe what they saw -- there was a horrific wound on Fuzzy's back right leg. Then, the x-rays came in; not only did the x-ray confirm an amputation would be needed, but it also confirmed that his hip was not sitting in its joint, his tail was broken, he had a break in his upper leg, and his kneecap was on the opposite side of where it should be.

Fuzzy loves to be held and cuddled....Sadly, we do not know who broke and bound him, but rest assured that from here on in, it will be nothing but kindness and love for our little fella."

Fortunately, amputation of his right hind leg was not necessary.  He is using the leg and building strength and muscle mass.  Last night our staff member Nicole became his foster mother!

*We offer a 15% discount to all rescue organizations*


Follow Fuzzy Wuzzy's Journey

Rocky the Super Kitty!

Rocky had a rough start in life.  But he won the lottery when he was rescued by his mom and dad.  Rocky is an amazing kitty.  He tolerates a wide variety of therapy treatments geared towards helping him walk independently, including the underwater treadmill!!   He is so cute!  We are having so much fun with him. 

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Lady Still Needs a Home!

Poor Lady.  She is sooooo sweet!!!   She gets special privileges like leash walks, hanging in the office, and playing with all the employees.  But every night she is left behind in her kennel.  It breaks all of our hearts.   Lady is terrific with people, she is not so good with other dogs.  Lady walks nicely on a leash and knows basic commands.  If you have any contacts with rescues, etc. we would LOVE if you could pass them on to us.  Please help us find her a home!!!

Petra Ford