October Newsletter


FREE TANK SESSION to the winner of our Halloween Cute Costume Contest.  Go to the Aqua Paws Facebook page to enter your dog's photo and to vote!  Find the thread with this picture and in the "comments" section drop a picture of your fur baby (dogs, cats... even pigs!) in their cutest Halloween costume.  **The picture with the most "likes" by 8PM on Halloween will win!**


Aqua Paws Facebook Page


Meet Milo.  He is an incredibly sweet 10-month old Labradoodle.  In August of 2018 he suffered a Fibrocartilagenous Embolism (“FCE”).  It’s the doggy version of a stroke.  As a result, he lost strength, balance, and proprioception (sense/awareness) in his hind legs.  Take a look at the "before" video to see how wobbly he was.  Milo has been coming to Aqua Paws for aqua therapy, balance exercises, core strengthening exercises, manual therapy, and cold laser.  His family diligently works on his home exercise program.  Milo is making great strides in therapy.  See how well he is doing now in the "after" video.



Giving Back

Welcome Chica!  Chica belongs to the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter.  We offered to foster and train her so that she has a better chance of being adopted.  Chica is incredibly sweet and LOVES her belly rubs.  She is about one year old.  We are teaching her basic manners, leash walking and a few tricks just for fun.  Contact us if you, or anyone you know, is interested in adopting her. 

Randolph Regional Animal Shelter

Lady Has a Home!

We are thrilled to report that Lady has been adopted!!  She has been reunited with her brother, Rico (he was adopted a few months ago), and they couldn't be happier!!  They kiss each other all the time and hang out together.  They get tons of love from their new family.  We love happy endings!!

Petra Ford