Puppy Power Seminar

Get a paw up on the competition with this puppy head start program!

Whether you plan on competing in agility, obedience, field, tracking, herding, etc., this seminar will provide you with fun activities and exercises that will not only prevent injury, but will improve your future athlete’s performance!

This hands on seminar includes:

  • Review structure to identify potential areas of weakness
  • Teach exercises to strengthen and protect these areas
  • Provide fun activities that will improve your puppy’s body awareness, balance and proprioception and safely strengthen core muscles

Super Seniors Seminar

A proactive approach to the aging canine.

Keep your older dog working well into their senior years. Help slow down the physical and mental aging process. Be proactive. Give your aging canine a new lease on life!

You will learn:

  • To identify the early physical signs of aging
  • To help your mature canine age gracefully
  • Easy techniques that you can use immediately to improve your best friend's flexibility, mobility, strength, and function.

Canine Conditioning Seminar

Preventing injuries and maximizing performance

Whether you compete in agility, obedience, tracking, herding, field work, etc… this seminar will provide you with the tools to develop a personalized conditioning program for your dog that will help prevent injury and improve your athlete’s performance!

You will learn:

  • Structure for function to identify potential areas of weakness
  • Importance of a proper warm-up and cool down
  • Stretching for injury prevention and early identification of injuries
  • Components of a conditioning program
  • How to develop a personalized conditioning program that will target your dog’s needs

Awesome Obedience Seminar

Optimize your dog’s performance in the obedience ring

Is your dog giving you a lackluster performance in the obedience ring? A conditioned dog will demonstrate an increase in energy, drive, focus and stamina!  Many problems in obedience can be improved with sport specific strengthening, body awareness and coordination exercises.

Discover the secrets that led Petra Ford and her Labrador Retriever, Tyler, to two back to back National Obedience Championships and the only American team to ever win the Crufts World Cup.

You will learn sports specific exercises to:

  • Strengthen your dog's sit which influences fronts, finishes, halts, stays
  • Improve your dog's hind end awareness influencing left turns, inside of figure 8, fronts and finishes
  • Stabilize and strengthen your dog's stand (stand for exam, signals) and down (drop on recall, signal down)
  • Improve your dog's jumping style and confidence

If you would like to book one of our seminars, let us know. We can also create customized seminars that are tailored specifically to your needs.