Skid, Cassie, Rave and Flash

In a few words – Petra is the “Best of the Best” when it comes to Canine Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Healing!!  But let’s take a few steps back and give this valid statement a set of legs.  It all began with a 6 year old Border Collie named Skid, an incredible athlete and ultimate Frisbee dog who came up lame in November of 2010.  Two months, multiple vet visits, lots of bills but no definitive answers .  Then came the recommendation from a friend and fellow Border Collie junkie – “Go see Petra Ford”, she will diagnose the problem and fix it – she is the best there is!!

And so started an incredible professional relationship and friendship in January of 2011; in for a consult on Wednesday night, January 5, 2011 Petra spent more than an hour with Skid.  When we left there, with much relief, we understood the issue – no surgery needed, he had a canine iliopsoas muscle injury that needed physical therapy, rest and making sure we followed Petra’s instructions.  In about 3 ½ - 4 months, three visits a week consisting of laser therapy, treatments & underwater treadmill, he was back to full activity - completely healed and very happy.  In addition, we were well educated in core strength training and what to keep an eye on as far as any early signs of the iliopsoas being re-aggravated.  And just to send the point home…we live 58 miles away and making that drive was not even an issue because we knew that he was in the best of hands.

It doesn’t end there – 8 years later and the owners of a border collie pack of 4, we have committed ourselves to making sure they all get in for “checks under the hood” – laser and treat sessions every 6 weeks or so to make sure everyone is in good shape, which is critical to proactively avoiding injury.  Petra is so “in tune” with each of them that she never misses a thing - all of the pups at one time or another have jammed shoulders, pulled Iliopsoas muscles or experienced other soft tissue injuries, many times not even showing prominent visual signs.  Never a worry, we just schedule with Petra and work through the treatment regimen; catching things early makes a huge difference.  Flash, who left us in October of 2015 at 14 ½, benefitted immensely from bi-weekly laser and treatments in his senior years, it kept him running, playing and catching Frisbee up until his last days.


One more thing to share, because I want everyone to know just how special Petra is; she is truly all about the dogs, their health, well-being and happiness.  Saturday April 7, 2012 the pups are running and playing outside, first real nice day of spring – Skid has a terrible accident, blinded by the sun he misjudges the location of a tree and slams into it at full speed making contact with his shoulder and side as he was crossing to chase Cassie.  We rushed him to the vet, he was temporarily paralyzed but recovered, by the luck of G-d suffering only extremely bruised muscles and left lung.  We brought him home to rest and let the pain medication kick in.  I immediately called Petra as our vet agreed that physical therapy (Petra in particular) would be key to the healing process.  Within an hour Petra got back to me – as always she was all about the dogs and told me to let him rest until mid-day Sunday and then I was to bring him out to her house so she could do a full exam, assess the damage and then do the first treatment.  Not only was it a Sunday, but it was Easter Sunday – I told her we could hold out until Monday and in true “Petra form” she wouldn’t hear of it, she could juggle her Easter Plans.

Gregg and I have no idea what we would do if we didn’t have Petra, and of course her awesome staff.  Petra, thank you for being our piece of mind for 8 years strong and many more years to come!!!

With much gratitude and appreciation for everything she has done for us, best of luck on your new endeavors “Aqua Paws Rehabilitation”  and “Playful Paws at Petra’s” - your loyal clients love you and there will be many more to come!

Gregg, Jodi and the pups - Skid, Cassie, Rave and Flash from doggie heaven