My family is a family of animal lovers. My wife and I have had dogs since before we were parents. They are parts of our family and involved with all parts of our days and lives. We take their well-being seriously. At ten months old, our spectacular dog Milo became completely and spontaneously paralyzed in his back end after suffering a stroke in his spine called an FCE. We were devastated.

Even after appointments with several vets, we had no real idea of what his recovery would look like, or even how much recovery we could expect. Milo had started to recover some continence and was walking after about 10 days, but continued to severely drag his back legs. He could not stand for long before losing his balance.

I met Petra and Laurie about three weeks after the accident. By the end of Petra’s initial hour long evaluation, I knew for absolute certain that Milo was in the right place. Her obvious technical mastery is met with the most sincere love for animals. Her team carries this same professionalism and warmth. Laurie has taken the time and care to involve me with every phase of his treatment. As a result, I have been able understand the process and incorporate its principles at home. Milo is killing it. We took a two hour hike this morning. He’s as happy as I’ve ever seen him. Our gratitude for Petra and her team is boundless.

If you have any conceivable need for a pet physical therapist, stop reading and call.

Petra Ford