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Marino and Kari - Retired Seeing Eye Dogs

Marino and Kari are both retired Seeing Eye dogs.  These dogs work hard providing an invaluable service to those in need.  Marino was getting ready to retire.  His owner took him to the vet for a check-up only to discover he had a large tumor in his mouth.  They removed the tumor but the prognosis was grim.  They only gave him three to six months to live. 

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Meet Alphie!

Alphie is a six-month old Labrador Retriever puppy in the Puppies Behind Bars Program. Over the years I have given multiple in-services on puppy and adult conditioning and have donated conditioning equipment to the program. The staff and puppy raisers are always incredibly receptive and work hard to ensure the puppies are successful.

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Puppy Abandoned In North Bergen Makes Remarkable Recovery

After seeing several veterinarians, doctors found Bruno suffered from severe malnutrition and was likely paralyzed from being kept in a small crate with no bedding. Bruno eventually ended up at Aqua Dog Rehabilitation where the team agreed to work on him pro-bono.

“Honestly, we looked at each other and were not sure if we could really help him,” Petra Ford said.

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